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Magento is the premier ecommerce platform for your online store, offering unparalleled speed, scalability, and customization options.

In order to watch your new store grow, you need visitors – lots of them! Even with strong brand recognition and a loyal customer base, you can bring a steady stream of new prospects to your ecommerce website with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Acquire New Customers With PPC

If you want to acquire new customers in droves, you need to position your shop prominently in the places where your customers are spending their time online. TheeCommerce’s pay-per-click (PPC) experts can help you blanket every corner of the web, utilizing a diverse arsenal of paid ad strategies to reach customers wherever they may be.

There is a myriad of advertising platforms, but fundamentally speaking there are two distinct methods by which we can target your customers. Some might call it outbound versus inbound marketing, some might call it discovery versus search, others may call it something different.

One method is to target the people that are actively searching for your products. The other method is to target people who are not actively searching for your products, but fit the description of the persona who is most likely to be interested in buying.

This buyer persona can be identified in different ways. A person might fit a buyer persona based solely on demographics. Maybe they are a female parent, age 35 to 45, with an average income over $60k per year.

Someone can also fit a buyer persona based on their behavior. Maybe they have recently viewed certain websites or liked certain profiles on social media. Behavior is often a more reliable identifier than demographics.

For instance, if you sell gardening gloves, someone who has recently browsed several different gardening supply stores is a much better prospect for you than someone who simply fits a certain demographic profile.

Search Ads for Magento Stores

For those who are actively searching for products, there are three main places your Magento store’s products can be featured.

The first place is the text ads that appear atop the organic search results on search engines such as Google and Bing. These ads are eligible to be shown when people search for the keyword phrases that you bid on. It is a simple concept, but it is also extremely easy to throw a ton of money down the drain if you do not have PPC experience.

Our Magento PPC experts will ensure your search campaigns operate at the lowest possible cost per acquisition. The goal is to get you the best return on your investment.

Bing and Google Shopping Campaigns

The second place your ads can appear for those actively searching is on Bing or Google shopping ads. These product ads also show above the organic search results, but they have a different appearance that includes product images.

With shopping campaigns, you do not bid on keywords. Your product descriptions themselves essentially act as your keywords. If you’ve got an LG 55″ 4K OLED television in your product feed, your shopping ads are eligible to appear when people search for things like 4k tvs, LG tvs, 55″ flat screens, and other phrases that describe your product.

Promoted Pins for Magento Shops

The third place you can show your ad to people searching for your kind of products is on Pinterest. Pinterest could fall under the inbound or outbound category of your marketing efforts since you can target your audience based on interests or you can target those actively searching via keywords.

You may think Pinterest is just for fun, but it can prove very successful for ecommerce businesses. This is especially true in the food and home decor industries. Pinterest has a largely female audience, and its active pinners have a higher average income than any other social network.

Display Ads for Magento Store Owners

The second fundamental way we can reach your potential customers is to strategically place display ads in front of the right audience of people. This side of digital marketing shares a lot in common with traditional marketing techniques.

With traditional marketing, if you sell fishing lures, you might decide to put a print ad in an outdoor magazine. With digital marketing, we can do the same and more. We can place ads on specific websites of our choosing, but we can also target people with even greater accuracy based on their likes, interests, and recent browsing behavior.

Whether you like it or not, Facebook and other social media companies know more about you than you can possibly imagine. Every time you click an article or like a post, you are further defining your interests to advertisers.

Furthermore, these social platforms have partnerships with data companies that know things about you like what kind of car you drive, if you have kids, if you are a homeowner, what political party you are affiliated with, and more.

This allows us to target your ads with an unprecedented level of precision.

Platforms on which we can place display ads and videos include:

  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Why Choose TheeCommerce for Magento PPC?

TheeCommerce’s marketing specialists are all Google certified PPC experts. Our firm has been recognized as a Google Premier partner, which requires us to meet a strict standard of best practices and performance.

To find how you can maximize the effectiveness of your PPC marketing campaigns, call or contact TheeCommerce today at 919-336-1790 for a free PPC account audit.