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If your ecommerce website isn’t seeing the traffic you expected, or if you Google your products and find them buried five pages deep in search results, there may be issues in your website that are holding you back from success! So many business owners don’t realize that there are literally hundreds of factors that contribute to the performance of your online store. Many of those factors aren’t visible, so you probably don’t give them much thought.

To help you achieve the success you deserve, we offer a free ecommerce website audit that analyzes every aspect of your website and discovers where you may be missing opportunities for improvement.

What’s In an Ecommerce Website Audit?

  • SEO Analysis
  • Page Load Timing
  • User Experience
  • Mobile Experience
  • Checkout Process
  • Responsive Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Product Layout
  • Back-End Function
  • Link Analysis
  • Accessibility
  • User Perception

Our Ecommerce Website Audit

With our online store audit, we do a deep dive into your site, analyzing every detail from front end client experience factors, including page load times and responsiveness to commands to the back end operations of the site, such as the infrastructure and security.  We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your ecommerce site, discovering where there are opportunities for better search engine result rankings, improved user experience, and smoother operations.

Your Detailed Audit Report

Once the audit is complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing what we discovered. Your report includes:

  • Overview of Findings to give you a summary of what we discovered when we analyzed your site, along with the biggest concerns or opportunities for your business.
  • Suggested Solutions with detailed explanations of why they’re important and how they will lead to improvements in performance
  • Highest Priorities for your website designers and developers to fix or adjust that will lead to near immediate improvements in how your ecommerce website functions and operates for you and your customers.
  • Usability Analysis to give you an in-depth look at how we easy or difficult it is to complete certain tasks on your site, including checkout, browsing, and locating items
  • User Perception Analysis to provide you with a closer look at what your customers experience as they shop your site, from impressions on graphics and content to whether or not it’s modern and professional.
  • Store Accessibility Analysis looks at how your site aligns with website accessibility guidelines to make sure those with disabilities can operate your site easily, from content that is easy to read to a layout that is easy to operate.
  • SEO Analysis provides you with a comprehensive look at how you can improve your search engine rankings in Google or Bing, including content updates, links, and updating the mobile experience.

Why is a Website Audit Important?

In order to achieve the high rankings on Google and Bing that will lead to more traffic to your site and more sales, your website needs more than a handful of keywords and a good description. SEO encompasses site speed, load times, user experience, mobile optimization, and so much more. If Google can’t index your site or if there is a coding error, your site falls even farther from the top.

What about your actual website performance for visitors to your website? Your analytics tell you how many visitors land on your site, how much time they spend there, and your conversion rates. However, while your report may tell you what your bounce rate is, it doesn’t tell you why visitors are leaving or why your conversion rate is so far below average.

The only thing that will provide those answers is a comprehensive website audit.

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As an ecommerce website development and marketing firm, we work with ecommerce businesses across all industries, from small sole proprietors to large companies. Because we offer a custom approach to each website, you’ll receive a unique, personalized evaluation that gives you the power to drive traffic, increase your sales, and offer your customers an incredible shopping experience!

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