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An Online Business Without an Ecommerce SEO Strategy is Losing Money

That’s a bold claim. Let’s back it up with some facts so you know we mean business:

  • 34.6% of people visit the site that achieves #1 in the search results
  • 75% of people never view the 2nd page of Google’s results
  • 81% of people do online research before buying

For these reasons, and dozens more, we know any ecommerce business that’s not doing ecommerce search engine optimization (SEO) is missing visitors, losing sales, and falling behind the competition.

SEO ensures your ecommerce site is reaching your focus customers by ranking at the top of search engines such as Google and Bing.

Our ecommerce SEO agency focuses on organic digital marketing to bring you the best results. We combine thorough keyword research, creative content, digital marketing tactics, and proven on-page SEO methods to drive your pages to the top of the search engine results pages (or SERP).

We’re a top-rated ecommerce SEO company with experience working with award-winning platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify. Our ecommerce SEO services include everything you want from an SEO agency to help you achieve the best results.

Benefits of an Effective Ecommerce SEO Agency

Ecommerce SEO services are important for brick and mortar businesses with online divisions and websites whose only storefront is their homepage. Here’s what our digital marketing agency can give your business:

SEO Strategies to Boost Search Engine Rankings

Remember what we said? 75% of people never visit the 2nd page of Google’s search results. You’ve got to be at the top.

Content Marketing that Builds Brand Authority

Our SEO professionals will do the right keyword research to help your customers find you when they’re looking for answers.

Keyword Research that Drives Qualified Organic Traffic

People don’t search for retailers by their brand name very often. Instead, they ask questions about products. We’ll help you put the answers in front of them.

Conversion Optimization Techniques to Increase Your Revenue

We’ll make your store easy to find, your products more visible to searchers, and your descriptions appealing to potential customers.

Is SEO Important for Ecommerce?

Ecommerce SEO services are important because they provide a balance to costly paid advertising campaigns. Ranking highly in organic search results with good conversion rates will create sales for months and even years after the content development finishes. Our expertise in content strategy and market research will aide us in identifying your customer base and target them with content that helps them and brings them to your site.

What is Ecommerce SEO Strategy?

Search engine optimization strategy is all about cooperating with the algorithms to move your online stores, product pages, and ecommerce business site to the top of the search results. SEO experts focus on technical SEO, on-page optimization, and off-site strategies such as link building.

Website functionality

How a website functions is key to optimization. Our ecommerce SEO services focus on your site speed, structure, category pages, shopping carts, and menu functions. Our SEO experts will review your entire ecommerce store to give your customers the best experience.

On-site optimization

Our SEO strategies always include on-page marketing strategies. Your SEO campaign team will look at your product pages, schema markup, content creation strategy, and landing pages. We want to help you make every page a winner in the search rankings.

Off-site optimization

True ecommerce SEO experts know the power of off-site SEO campaigns. We’ll generate more traffic through a link building campaign, reverse engineering your competitors’ advantages, and using social media engagement to build brand visibility.

What are the Top Three Ecommerce SEO Strategies?

There are three main SEO strategies. Our ecommerce SEO company can deliver brilliant results in all three. Let’s review them quickly and go over the critical priorities for each SEO strategy.

On-page SEO Makes the Most of Your Content

On-page search engine optimization is one of the top ecommerce SEO services because it covers so many important aspects of your web presence. Here are some things our ecommerce SEO agency will do for your web pages:

  • Thorough keyword research to discover all the ways people can find their way to your website through organic search.
  • Excellent keyword placement and content creation that will boost your pages in the search engine rankings.
  • Smart copywriting and formatting to build revenue by improving your conversion rates and selling more products.

Link Building for Higher Domain Authority

Link building is one of the three main marketing strategies because Google considers the number of other websites with links to your websites to be a critical factor in determining the value and trustworthiness of your site. So, our ecommerce SEO experts will reach out to relevant websites and create backlinks to your site. Here’s how we do it:

  • Our team can create links from blogs or news sites to your product pages.
  • SEO campaigns can focus on reaching out to other blogs to build useful links.
  • Link building through content creation such as stats pages or research blogs.

Technical SEO for Search Engine Rankings and UX

A properly coded website and quick load time is crucial for the success of your online store.
Technical SEO is the term for improving the technical part of your website (its code) to bring your website’s ranking higher in search engines. We know Google’s Core Web Vitals are now ranking signals, so a poorly designed or coded website could harm your business in the search engine rankings.

  • Improving your page load speed will keep customers engaged with your business.
  • Configuring your site will maximize search engine robot crawling efficiency.
  • Creating a brilliant back-end system ensures your customers have a smooth shopping experience.

Trust Our Team to Deliver Results

Any single one of these jobs would be enough for one person. That’s why you need a team of experts to make every aspect of ecommerce SEO work for you. Without the right team, you might be able to do one or two things well, but the amount of work will quickly become overwhelming.
Here are some signs it’s time to put a team in place for your SEO:

  • You no longer know what to do next to make improvements.
  • The volume of data available is making it difficult to make choices about the next strategy.
  • You have ideas about content or connections to make, but feel you don’t have time to make it happen.

For any of these reasons, you should turn to experts for help. We have a diverse team of specialists who can deliver a strategy that works on every aspect of your SEO at once.

Our Ecommerce SEO Services Give You a Digital Marketing Strategy for Success

While there are universal aspects of SEO that apply to every business, when you partner with TheeCommerce, you’ll get a highly customized strategy for success. We want to understand your business, including your goals, your competitors and your target audience. Your unique ecommerce SEO plan will lead to higher online visibility, qualified traffic to your site and an increase in sales. Because SEO is a long-term strategy, this is one of the highest ROIs you’ll see!

Still Have Questions?

I Already Run an Ecommerce PPC Campaign—Why Should I Invest in SEO Strateg

PPC is a big part of most ecommerce marketing campaigns, but it only drives traffic as long as you pay for it. Many buyers still are more likely to trust and click an organic search result rather than a paid ad.

The short answer is yes; that is the main idea of traffic being organic.

The long answer is that an effective SEO strategy takes time and relies on having a strong business foundation to build from. Online shoppers expect a smooth buying process from an attractive and well developed website. The foundation of your store requires time and budget to ensure that when searchers discover your site, they will want to continue interacting with it and eventually become a customer.

Along with having a great website, there are many other aspects that go into a well developed ecommerce SEO strategy. Research is needed to determine how shoppers search for the products you offer, where on the internet they’re searching, and how you want your website to appear when found. This research and planning takes time, which we all know costs money whether you decide to tackle these issues yourself or hire an experienced SEO company to take care of it for you.

In conclusion, while organic SEO is free, investing in a superior ecommerce website with a comprehensive SEO strategy to implement will make the organic traffic to your store priceless.

Of course! And if you’re working with a respected agency that is following SEO best practices, safely is not something to worry about.

A better question may be to ask what tactics work against your website. The main goal of the Google Algorithm is to make sure people using Google are shown the best options for what they’re searching for. It is not a malicious entity, but instead wants those who are searching for your products to be served with engaging, accurate, and helpful options. If you put effort into tactics that make sure your website meets that criteria and you follow that up with good quality products or services, there is no need to look for alternative SEO hacks to get around the Google Algorithm.

Why Partner with Our Ecommerce SEO Company?

TheeCommerce is a leading ecommerce SEO firm because we are passionate about getting you the success you deserve. Our website development team and ecommerce marketing experts work together to seamlessly integrate the latest search engine optimization techniques into your website to make sure you’re at the top of search engine results. 

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