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It’s definitely that we do, every day, and we are here to help.

This is what TheeCommerce does every day. Our team of specialized website developers, marketers, and designers are here to help build your ideal ecommerce website. We work with businesses across the country to create dynamic online stores and engaging customer experiences.

How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform

Both WooCommerce and Shopify are powerful ecommerce development platforms that produce attractive online stores for customers & effective management behind the scenes for business owners. When choosing which platform to invest in, think about your needs and how your website will function online.

Are you looking to add a store to your current WordPress website? Are you interested in advanced customization and a platform that grows with your business? WooCommerce is a flexible platform that seamlessly integrates into any WordPress website, provides an engaging and secure shopping experience, and allows you to fully customize the design of your ecommerce website. Learn more about our WooCommerce development services

Are you looking for a powerful tool to easily manage your entire online store in one place? Are you interested in support & design focused on ecommerce sales? Shopify allows business owners to do it all on their simple & attractive interface; operate an online store, manage product inventory, sell across multiple channels, and update customers with a blog. This user friendly platform integrates a wide variety of add-ons and provides 24-hour support for ecommerce website owners. Learn more about TheeCommerce’s Shopify web design and online store development.

Custom Ecommerce Development & Design

Convert Customers on Every Device

A mobile-friendly site is a necessity for today’s ecommerce business. Your customers want to browse and shop just as easily from their cell phone or tablet as they can from a computer. To make this happen, your new website will have a responsive web design that offers the same functionality and navigation no matter what device it’s accessed from.

Fast Loading, Robust Web Design

You need a website that loads lightning-fast, even during heavy traffic coupled with robust ecommerce web design that ensures your site is always running smoothly. Customers can browse, add to cart, and check out with no delays or hiccups slowing them down!

Stand Out in Search Engines

Your customers are using search engines to find what they need, and we make sure they find you! Our ecommerce website development team partners with our ecommerce marketing experts to make sure your store is at the top of search engine rankings and in front of your target audience.

Unique Web Design for Your One-of-a-Kind Brand

You’ve put a lot of work in curating a brand and voice that stands out from your competition. We leverage that by designing a website that reflects your brand’s personality and vision, complete with a custom theme, making sure every visitor has a clear grasp on the exact mission of your ecommerce store.

Online Stores Designed to Convert

The goal of our ecommerce website development agency is to provide you with a high-converting online store. As your visitor’s journey begins at a high-ranking search engine result and is supported by a gorgeous, fast-loading website that’s a breeze to shop, we make sure you seal the deal by including sharp calls to action and lead capture forms that encourage conversion.

Ecommerce Website Development Features Your Online Store Needs

  • Payment integrations that provide a fast, secure checkout
  • Ebay and Amazon integrations so you can sell across platforms and keep your inventories accurate
  • Embedded video to engage with your viewers, show off your products, and leverage your brand personality
  • Tax and shipping calculators to prevent surprise costs and checkout (and abandoned carts!)
  • Live chat and chatbots to support customers when they have questions or concerns

Ecommerce Web Design for the Leading Platforms

TheeCommerce always strives to provide custom solutions for every client. That’s why we specialize in web design for both Shopify and WooCommerce. They both offer excellent features for both startups and established ecommerce businesses, and we’ll help you determine which platform is right for your online store.

TheeCommerce Sets You Up for Success

A modern, fast-loading website that is optimized for high-ranking search engine results and tailored to your customers needs is the first step. However, we want to partner with you for long-term success with ecommerce marketing solutions that improve your visibility and increase your revenue.


One-size-fits-all solutions don’t work, and that’s why we don’t use them. We’ll get to know your company, target audience, and brand to create a unique marketing strategy that attracts more visitors and generates more sales!

Ecommerce SEO

Regular updates, blogs, and new images not only provide a better experience for your customers, they are an essential part of ecommerce SEO.

Ecommerce PPC

Pay-per-click marketing, or PPC allows you to see a massive spike in traffic to your website and generate sales. With both shopping campaigns and paid search ads, we can create ecommerce PPC campaigns that put your business in front of your target audience and giving you an incredible ROI.

HubSpot Marketing Automation for Ecommerce Stores

Leading inbound marketing software, HubSpot, is an incredible resource for online stores. By integrating it into your ecommerce website, we can put all of your sales, marketing, and customer data in one place, providing a wealth of data that we can use to customize and improve marketing campaigns for email, social media, and sales promotions.

Why Choose TheeCommerce for Your Ecommerce Website?

We are an award digital marketing agency with an ecommerce website development team who works seamlessly to integrate the latest development techniques and search engine optimization strategies into your website that will drive results. Discover how our ecommerce website development services can elevate your business by calling us at 919-336-1790 or filling out our contact form below for a free online store audit!

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