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Wish Upon A Quilt

Shopify Website for a Retail Fabric Store in Raleigh

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Wish Upon a Quilt is a retail fabric store run by a husband and wife team with a passion for providing their products online and also in a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

They came to TheeCommerce looking to have a better web presence and more importantly to improve their Ecommerce footprint within the marketplace.

Our developers and designers partnered with this duo to build a mobile-friendly Ecommerce website that would make inventory and product management simple and effective, while also improving the user experience for their customers.



Wish Upon a Quilt’s old website was outdated, and not easy to navigate. Managing inventory was an arduous and highly ineffective process that needed a new approach.

They wanted a new website that would attract and inform current and potential customers on the front end, while being easy to update, manage inventory and fulfill orders on the back end.



Shopify fit this clients needs for managing inventory and fulfilling orders, while also keeping an open line of communication with their shoppers. Our team of  Shopify experts worked with Wish Upon a Quilt to create a design that reflects their brand and meet their needs. Their new website was built to grow with their Ecommerce business as it grows.



Using Shopify, our development team created a dazzling design that was optimized to become a lead-generation magnet with a well-thought-out user interface.

We all know mobile-friendly is the way to go these days. People are always on the go and want a website they can easily view and navigate on all devices.

Mobile Friendly Web Design for Retail Craft Business

By creating an easy-to-use Shopify site for Wish Upon a Quilt, this not only means that the site is optimized to attract new customers, but it’s also super easy for the client’s staff to maintain and manage inventory to keep the site new content for a good user experience. This speed and optimization also make the site rank high with search engines that will help build new customers.

Thumb Friendly Design for a Retail Craft Business

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

With so much technology, and so many different portable devices, our “mobile-first” approach to web design that made us stand out from other web development companies.

The term “thumb-friendly” design refers to the ability to navigate a website using a thumb to scroll and click while holding a mobile device with one hand. This site accomplishes that by providing large buttons and easy-to-read navigation items.

Custom Shopify Features Ecommerce for a Retail Craft Business

Point-Of-Sale Integration System

One of the first things that Wish Upon a Quilt required for their new site was a better way to manage their inventory and integrate with a point-of-sale system so they could spend less time with redundancy and more time doing what they love… running their business. TheeCommerce took charge of this researching countless options, seeking the best fit for this client’s unique needs.

We integrated their Shopify site with a POS system seamlessly, making invoicing that includes sales, returns, voids, special orders, payment options, reporting and a gazillion more options. Managing inventory has never been easier either, and now they have a system that rewards customer loyalty with programs and target marketing, price codes, special orders and drop shipments.

Branding for a Retail Craft Business

Branding Design

TheeCommerce assisted Wish Upon a Quilt to help refine their existing logo. The old logo had good elements to it, but they wanted a brand that would be more versatile, more professional and would make them stand out from their competition. Our team of designers did just that, and supplied the client with vector formats of the logo, which would allow them to be able to enlarge the file infinitely without any quality degradation. This flexibility allows them to be able to use their new logo for infinite applications.

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