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Interactive Fitness Trainers of America (IFTA) is your source for training, resources, and certifications for personal trainers for nearly 20 years. When you choose IFTA, you can count on the most advanced educational programs that are also internationally recognized.

With an industry that requires a fast-paced and flexible website, their old and outdated site was neither. Their old website was difficult to navigate with slow-loading pages, and it wasn’t optimized for mobile use, which turned away prospective trainers, provided no credibility and limited their growth.

Their new website needed to showcase their training courses, certifications, have the ability to purchase as well as download these courses across all platforms quickly.



IFTA is known for its high-quality training, but signing up wasn’t always the easiest. When this happens, people can become frustrated and discouraged and look for other sources. The issues were with the numerous manual processes that lead to too many opportunities for human error. As a result, many people changed their minds and the conversion rates suffered.

When you combine those issues with the dated website, you have the perfect storm for people to look to competitors for the same services. They’re going to want an updated website and a streamlined process that’s easy to use and virtually error-free.



The solution was an easy one. Update the website and fix the bugs so that people will be more drawn to use it and sign up for IFTA’s amazing services. The new website is a total 180 from the last one. It features a new design that’s easy to navigate because it’s big and bold.

The e-commerce system was a big upgrade. By modernizing the view and navigation, people can easily browse classes, book them online, and pay for them right at their fingertips.



The new website design and e-commerce system have meant more sign-ups and a higher conversion rate. By keeping the list of classes similar, people were able to navigate them because they were familiar with the format. That’s key because it helps people find things easier and they won’t get frustrated. A frustrated customer is not a happy customer!

The benefits are not just seen with the customers. IFTA is not only seeing a boost in membership but is also saving money by automating the process that was so labor-intensive.

We all know mobile-friendly is the way to go these days. People are always on the go and want a website they can easily view and navigate on all devices.

Mobile Friendly Web Design for Fitness Company

Mobile-Friendly Design

We all know mobile-friendly is the way to go these days. People are always on the go and want a website they can easily view and navigate on all devices. This means things need to load quickly and forms need to be user-friendly. If not, people will click away and find a site that checks these boxes.

When the website is mobile-friendly, Google search engine rankings go up. This makes it more visible to potential customers which will only boost your bottom line.

WooCommerce Website for Fitness Industry Client

Downloadable Courses and Certifications

Besides making the site more user-friendly for customers, it’s also easier to use for IFTA trainers. They can now download instructional fitness videos easier as well as certifications. With just one click they can download everything from a pilates course to cycling. When you combine this factor with the other upgrades, you get a big spike in mobile traffic and page views.

Responsive WordPress Fitness Website

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is key to a successful website, and IFTA was no exception. A responsive website doesn’t just mean that the site displays on each different device or browser type. A truly responsive web design is one that unique displays on theses devices and browsers with the user experience in mind. It’s the little things like buttons and links that are easy to click and images that display properly that not only keep your users happy, but also help improve your website’s search rankings.

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