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The Best WooCommerce Plugins & Practical Tools for 2021

Okay, so you have a WooCommerce store (maybe it just launched), and you just realized that you’re missing a shipping feature, trying to change a field on the checkout page, or maybe it’s something else.

Our guide will help you with that, and also will provide you with a complete guide on:

  • What to consider before choosing a plugin
  • Which WooCommerce plugins will take your store to the next level
  • We include videos and setup guides, saving you hours of searching (all in one place, that’s how we roll!)

Feel free to vote for the extensions below that you found helpful for your online store.

To learn more about WooCommerce, and view a video setup guide, read our What is WooCommerce guide.

Interesting Stats & Facts About WooCommerce & Plugins

What to Consider Before You Choose from Top Ecommerce

Keep in mind that many plugins work in conjunction with existing plugins, and that there is a possibility that certain plugins may conflict with your website’s functionality.

Some tips to keep in mind when searching for WordPress plugins:

  1. Look at reviews from actual users, not just what the developers claim
  2. Check the last time the plugin was updated.
  3. You want to use plugins that are updated frequently
  4. Plugins that aren’t updated very often are more likely to cause issues with your website.

The reason that issues might occur from plugins that are not regularly updated is that as updates are made by the WordPress framework, developers of plugins might need to make updates as well.

Please find a full list of payment gateway plugins for your WooCommerce store.

The Best Plugins for WooCommerce in 2021

The Best Coupon Manager Plugin for WooCommerce

TheeCommerce Advanced Coupons

Many ecommerce sellers use coupons to entice buyers to not only buy from them, but to also return to buy more. This plugin is easy to install and manage your coupons. The plugin has a handy feature that allows you to set conditions to ensure that only the right buyers are able to use them.

Top Coupon Manager for WooCommerce

TheeCommerce YITH Wishlist

With so many products to buy, we all research the best one for us. This plugin adds the functionality of being able to save a list of products a shopper likes without having to put them in their cart. The lists can be saved and shared for future use, shared on social media, or with family and friends. It’s a great way to keep customers on your site longer.

Best Store Customization Plugin

TheeCommerce WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs

This cool plugin adds tabs to your product pages that makes it super easy for your customers to be able to access descriptions, specs, reviews and other information. With so many shoppers using mobile devices, this makes it easier to see, without having to scroll down on the page.

Top Email Marketing Plugin

TheeCommerce MailChimp Plugin

If you use Mailchimp for your marketing email blasts, this plugin connects those efforts with your WooCommerce store, syncing your customers, orders, products and promo codes.

Top B2B Sales Plugin

TheeCommerce Wholesale Plugin

If you sell your products to wholesalers, this plugin allows you to set tiered pricing for your products and the ability to manage your sales directly within WooCommerce.

Best Store Customization Plugin

TheeCommerce Pick Plugin Slider

Sliders are a cool feature on any website when viewing images, right? This plugin adds that same functionality to your online products, allowing customers to view more without having to change pages. You can also select from various layouts so the sliders will more reflect the look and feel of your site. It’s also optimized for mobile, allowing touch and mouse dragging.

Top Checkout Improvement Plugin

TheeCommerce Checkout Field Editor

The checkout fields in WooCommerce are built in and are purposely made generic so they can fit for most any online seller. Without this plugin, these fields are difficult for most people to alter. This plugin makes it easy to edit, delete, and change the order of these fields.

Top WooCommerce Comparison Plugin

TheeCommerce Compare YITH

If you have lots of comparable products on your site, you’ll find this plugin handy, and your customers will too. Once installed it allows the shopper to click a checkbox on the product to compare, and puts the products in a table so all of the different features of each can be easily viewed.

Best Checkout Improvement Plugin

TheeCommerce Direct Checkout Plugin

This plugin makes the checkout process faster and easier for your customers by skipping the shopping cart page and taking them directly to the checkout page. Sometimes people are in a hurry, and this will accommodate that and improve their user experience. Maybe they’ll even buy more?

TheeCommerce Stripe Plugin

Stripe is a great way to be able to accept payments on your site, allowing most every major credit card, plus Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay. There are no setup fees, or monthly fees. Stripe charges you approximately 3% for each transaction, so they only charge when you are earning money. There are also settings for recurring payments and subscriptions.

Please find a full list of payment gateway plugins for your WooCommerce store.

Best Customer Service Feature Plugin

TheeCommerce Post SMTP

If your WordPress site generates emails that are sent to your WooCommerce shoppers, you’ll need an SMTP plugin to connect to your email provider. The plugin generates a log of all emails sent, which comes in handy for diagnosing problems with failed emails without having to sign into your email provider.

Best Email Delivery Plugin

TheeCommerce Order Delivery Date Plugin

If you sell products that you deliver, this plugin helps with the post-sale customer experience in that it allows buyers to select the date and time they choose for their delivery. Settings allow limits on the numbers of deliveries or orders per day, and if you also sell downloadable products you can disable the delivery setting for these items. Lots of options with this plugin.

Best Product Addon Plugin

TheeCommerce Product Addons Plugin

WooCommerce builds in all of their fields for their product options and this plugins allows you to add more. Additions such as pricing options, upload fields for the buyer to upload images or documents, color options, details needed from the buyer such as customization requirements, etc.

Best Buyer Benefit Plugin

TheeCommerce Waitlist Plugin

As a buyer, is there anything more annoying than seeing a product on a website only to find that it’s out of stock? This handy plugin is easy to install and give the customer the option to enter their email address to be notified when the product becomes available. It’s all automated, so when you mark a product available in WooCommerce it sends an email to everyone that requested to be notified. You can customize the email to include your company logo and colors.

Best Buyer Benefit Plugin

TheeCommerce YITH Quickview Plugin

This plugin allows a quick view of a product without having to leave the page. A great option especially for mobile users to be able to see small text or product details.

Best Membership Plugin

TheeCommerce YITH- Membership Plugin

This plugin is a must-own if you sell products such as training courses downloads, or content on your site that is only available to paying customers. You can create a paywall for content that isn’t free. You can also allow a reader to see a portion of an article, then require them to pay to see the rest of the content.

TheeCommerce YITH Shipstation Plugin

ShipStation is an all-in-one shipping fulfillment plugin handles the process after a purchase on your site. Giving the customer real-time shopping quotes, and providing the seller with the shipping label. Lots of options, and it works with all of the major shipping companies.

Please find a full list of shipping plugins for your WooCommerce store.

Best Social Media Login Plugin

TheeCommerce Social Login Plugin

This plugin allows for account creation, using the buyer’s social media account. This speeds up the process greatly for the user, and when they return, they are able to sign in easier as well. An easier checkout process is likely to improve sales, and that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Best Appointment Booking Plugin

TheeCommerce YITH Booking Plugin

This gem does what it implies, adding the ability to include a calendar-booking system with your WooCommerce store. Ability to add a number of filters such as date, period, checkout date, name, family name and much more! You will also be able to export the bookings in your website in CSV, ICS, or PDF formats.

Best Ecommerce Analytics Plugin Plugin

TheeCommerce Enhanced eCommerce Plugin

Unless you are just lucky, having a successful eCommerce website doesn’t happen without analyzing data from your website. Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool to see where your web traffic is coming from and where your site needs improvement. This plugin connects your site to a Google Analytics account the easy way, so you can focus on getting more traffic.

Best Foreign Language Plugin

TheeCommerce Multi-Language Plugin

If you sell products in multiple countries give this plugin a try. It allows you to run a single WooCommerce store with multiple currencies based on the customer’s language or location. Lots of cool settings as well.

Best Sales Increasing Plugin

TheeCommerce Beeketing Plugin

This plugin helps increase your sales, by adding various options such as checkout boosting, chatting with someone in sales through Facebook, personalization, coupons, emails, etc. Ten different options built into one free plugin. If you’re looking to boost your sales take a look at this plugin.

Best Product Management Plugin

TheeCommerce Product Import Export Plugin

The Product Import Export product is essential for bulk adding products to your site, or if you’re building a new site and you need to include existing products from your current site. This plugin imports and exports products, including the images, and will also import Amazon products into WooCommerce. Note that if you have variable products, you’ll need to buy the pro version.

TheeCommerce PushEngage Plugin

This plugin provides the ability to send push notifications to customers that subscribe to the feature. They can be notified about new posts, but this plugin’s value for a WooCommerce store is that if a customer downloads a digital product, PushEngage can automatically email the client a download link.

Best Marketing Automatization Plugin

TheeCommerce HubSpot For WooCommerce Plugin

Hubspot is a free CRM to help with lead generation. This plugin syncs with your HubSpot account and helps keep track of leads and so much more.

Best Sales Enticing Plugin

TheeCommerce TrustPulse Plugin

This plugin entices users to buy by showing them how many others are buying. If you have a membership website, it will display when someone new registers. It uses the psychology of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to increase sales.

Best Ecommerce Analytics Plugin

TheeCommerce Monster Insights Plugin

Data from your website can help you in many ways, by letting you know where visitors are going on your WooCommerce store, and where they’re not. This type of information can help you make adjustments to your site to increase your site traffic, and that should result in increased conversions. This plugin connects to your Google Analytics account and makes it easier to understand the data that it’s compiling from your site.

Best Email and Newsletter Plugin

TheeCommerce Omnisend Plugin

Once installed, this plugin integrates with your WooCommerce store to build custom email newsletters & SMS campaigns to target and engage your site’s registered users. It treats first-time buyers differently than VIP shoppers and can even send birthday wishes. You can also see the impact of these campaigns to see how each performed.

Best EU/UK VAT Assistance Plugin

TheeCommerce EU-VAT Plugin

If your online store sells to customers in Europe, you might be required to pay a special tax. Even if your business isn’t based in the UK, if someone from the EU or UK buys your product you might be required to pay a Value Added Tax (VAT). This WooCommerce plugin assists recording location, IP address and address of the buyer in case you are ever audited. This plugin also handles currency conversion for your products as well.

Best Search Engine Optimization Plugin

TheeCommerce Rankmath Plugin

Rankmath helps optimize the SEO on your site by optimizing keywords, configuring Schema Markup, integrating with Google Search and Google Keyword Rankings. The great thing about this plugin is that, once installed it shows you all of this data right in your WordPress admin, rather than in Google.

Best Store Protection Plugin

TheeCommerce Wordfence Plugin

If you have an ecommerce site this plugin protects that data from being compromised with a host of nerdy tricks to keep hackers from getting credit card data and other information.

Best Speed Boosting Plugin

TheeCommerce WP Rocket Plugin

Customers are spoiled these days by fast internet speeds and a slow website will not only provide a bad user experience, but will also likely cost you business as well. WP Rocket helps speed up your site by analyzing and identifying where the issues are and how to fix them. Site speed also is a key factor in Google ranking, so it is important to make your WooCommerce site as possible.


Having an online store is, for the most part, unique and personal to each store owner. Not every store is the same, and thus not every plugin provides the same benefit. Reading this article was a great start, but do some more research on your own. Hopefully I have been able to narrow your search and help you see the benefits of some of the best WooCommerce extensions that I have found in the many years that I have been building and managing WordPress websites. With over 55,000 plugins from which to choose, finding the right one for your store might take installing and trying more than one before you find the perfect one. Also remember that you can always change plugins if you find something better. Listen not only to what works for you, but also your customers. A happy buyer, with a good user experience, will likely become a return customer.

To learn more read our How Much Does WooCommerce Cost guide.

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