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WooCommerce vs BigCommerce: Best Platform for Your Online Store in 2021

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to grow your company. One way of doing this is by starting an online store. But what platform should you use? There are many options out there, but two major ones are WooCommerce and BigCommerce. In this blog post, we will compare these two platforms based on ease of use, marketing tools, site customization features, transaction fees, and more!

WooCommerce vs BigCommerce: Best Platform for Your Online Store

Yet these two are both major players in the ecommerce space.

Which one is best for your online store?

Let’s get started by looking at some things your store needs to be successful.

What to Look for in a Platform for Your Ecommerce Business?

Your options are much bigger in 2021. You can choose between BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce on WordPress. All of them are similar, but the differences might be crucial for your company.

Here are the things you need to look at before choosing one.

What’s the Real Cost?

How much will each platform cost you in the long run with transaction fees, SEO tools, and customer support?

The advertised cost may be low, but sometimes you need to look at the actual cost of what it would be for your company.

For example, BigCommerce offers a free trial that brings with it transaction fees and an annual fee. You have to do some math before deciding which one is best for your budget.

Do You Need Integrations for Your Business? These almost always cost extra.

Ecommerce Features & Ease of Use

Which built in features come with the platform?

Is it easy to use or customize? If you’re not tech savvy, then this might be a big factor for how long your store will take to get up and running.

If you’re expanding and adding staff, how easy will it be for them to get up to speed on the platform and use it?

To learn more read our How Much Does WooCommerce Cost guide.

Here are a few things we think your online store is going to need:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features
  • A content management system (CMS) for adding new content
  • Marketing tools like MailChimp or ZenDesk

These tools, and more, are probably going to cost money and feel absolutely essential.

Adding Products

TheeCommerce WooCommerce VS BigCommerce Adding Products

How easy is it to add products to your store?

Do you have a lot of products to add or will it just be one item at the time? Is there any limit on what can be added? How easy is it to get an image for each product?

All these things might sound simple but they’re not always as straightforward in reality. Adding and managing products is a key part of running an online store, so this needs to be easy and quick.

Managing Your Store

TheeCommerce WooCommerce VS BigCommerce Store Management

Managing your store starts with the website builder, carries on through adding products, and then changes into the regular work of keeping your website running and moving forward.

Store owners need their platform to give them solid reports, SEO features to complement paid marketing, and the ability to add more people to their team as the business grows.


TheeCommerce WooCommerce VS BigCommerce Security

Who provides the web hosting services? Will the web hosting provider issue an SSL certificate? Which person, company, or provider is responsible for security?

These are all important questions that need to be answered in order to assess the security of a site or platform.

Payment Methods

TheeCommerce WooCommerce VS BigCommerce Online Payment Options

Online stores, and brick-and-mortar stores, need to accept more forms of payment than ever before.

This is why it’s important to know what forms of payment a platform or site can accept and how well the support team handles this process on their behalf.

Payment fees and processing times are a major part of evaluating how well a platform manages different payment providers.

For example:

  • How much will it cost to process a credit card on the site?
  • How long does a transaction take for money to be deposited in your account after someone pays you with their credit card?
  • What are the rates and fees associated with each of these transactions, including bank transfer payments or electronic checkouts?

The more transparent this information is, the better.

Quick Intro to WooCommerce vs BigCommerce

Let’s introduce these two platforms quickly before we compare their features.

WooCommerce vs BigCommerce: Best Platform for Your Online Store

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a fully managed ecommerce platform that allows you to build your store, manage product inventory and orders from a single system.

BigCommerce gives business owners the power of working with one software provider for all their online needs; allowing them more time and energy to focus on running the day-to-day operations of their businesses.

TheeCommerce WooCommerce VS Magento | WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a self-hosted plugin for WordPress, which is a free open-source content management system. WooCommerce is open-source and the basic philosophy is for users to be able to do as much or as little customization of the platform without being required to pay a monthly fee.

Ease of Use – BigCommerce vs WooCommerce

Platforms that are easy to use have many benefits. For instance, when issues arise you can quickly fix them so you have plenty of time to grow your business.

If you’re new to e-commerce, a solution that is both user-friendly and scalable makes the most sense for you. An ecommerce website builder will help you get started faster.

Which platform is easier to get up and running on?


TheeCommerce | How Much Does WooCommerce Cost?

BigCommerce is easy to use and get started on. You don’t have any concerns about the technical aspects of your BigCommerce store, because BigCommerce customer support takes care of these during the setup phase.

BigCommerce handles:

  • Your domain registration
  • Security
  • and whatever other needs you might have.

Some customers may find BigCommerce to be too simple, as they are more accustomed to ecommerce solutions that offer a lot of customization options and plugins.

However, if you’re looking for something easy to get started on with an established company in the space, then Bigcommerce is definitely for you.


TheeCommerce WooCommerce VS BigCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce runs on your WordPress site, so you can take advantage of all the great features and plugins that a WordPress site has to offer.

Setting up WooCommerce is easier than it seems, because you’ll only need to install extensions from either the official plugin directory or by using one of the trusted setup partners (a list is available here).

You may have some challenges when setting up your site, but there is a large community of users eager to help.

WooCommerce also has a helpful page with tutorials and FAQs for merchants, which is really useful when you’re getting started.

Customization and Themes

One of the greatest things about ecommerce platforms is that they are all customizable to your specific needs. Both WooCommerce and BigCommerce offer free and paid themes with many built-in features, so there’s something for everyone. You can even customize the code in either platform using third-party plugins.

However, WooCommerce has the edge vs BigCommerce because of the huge number of themes you can buy and use. There are so many WordPress themes available it’s difficult to know where to start but fortunately, there are lots of helpful guides.

To learn more about addons, read our Best WooCommerce Plugins guide.

Cost Comparison: BigCommerce vs WooCommerce

Many platforms claim to be the cheapest or the best value. How much does it cost to start an online store?

WooCommerce and BigCommerce are both affordable, but when you compare the two it’s hard not to go with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce vs BigCommerce: Best Platform for Your Online Store

What Is the True Cost of Using BigCommerce?

BigCommerce costs as little as $29.99/month to launch a store. This is an attractive price point, but could be increased if you have to purchase your own domain name or need to use specialist payment gateways.

Add-ons such as themes and templates can be used to personalize your site and make it more usable. The cheapest paid theme available currently from the BigCommerce official store is $150.

So your first year with a paid theme and the lowest price plan could be as high as $510. That doesn’t include any payment fees, domain name charges, or plugin charges.

There are different pricing plans, though. BigCommerce automatically moves you up to one of the more expensive pricing plans when your sales grow. The larger plans come with more features, but this is a point against the scalability of BigCommerce.

TheeCommerce WooCommerce VS Magento | WooCommerce

What Is the True Cost of Using WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is free. The challenge is finding the right WordPress plugin to do what you need, choosing between a free and paid theme, getting your own SSL certificate, and all the other details that go into setting up an ecommerce store.

WooCommerce can be cheaper than BigCommerce, with many free plugins and themes available.

It’s worth the time investment to set up your store in WooCommerce if you want a powerful site for less than one year of BigCommerce costs.

For a full guide on WooCommerce costs, you can read

How Much Does WooCommerce Cost? 13 Components that Affect the Real WooCommerce Price You Pay. guide.


Payment Options: BigCommerce vs WooCommerce

BigCommerce and WooCommerce have different payment options. Payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and Google Pay are accommodated by both platforms.

However, you should investigate the charges and integration available with any payment gateways you plan to use. If you need specialist payment options, you should check whether Bigcommerce and WooCommerce offer a plugin and compare the costs.

Here’s a list of the currently available BigCommerce payment gateways. [Available Payment Gateways (

Here’s the list for WooCommerce. [Payments – WooCommerce]

Integrations and Addons: BigCommerce vs WooCommerce

There are literally thousands of ecommerce platform plugins available. WooCommerce is way ahead of BigCommerce in this category because they have a thriving third-party developer community.

Bigcommerce has an API and plugin marketplace, but it is nowhere near as robust or responsive to the needs of store owners like WooCommerce’s Marketplace.

To be fair, most of the major ecommerce platform functions are covered by both BigCommerce and WooCommerce through built-in features or plugins. The difference shows up when you need something more specific. Chances are, there’s already a WordPress plugin for your WooCommerce store that will do what you need.

Scalability: WooCommerce vs BigCommerce

As your online store grows, you have a set of challenges that need to be addressed. These include the ability for your site to handle greater transaction volumes, as well as providing customer support that can deal with a higher volume of visitors and customers.

Fees for running your ecommerce platform can also grow – sometimes very quickly. This is where the difference between the open-source WooCommerce and the all-in-one package of BigCommerce really shows up.

  • Your WooCommerce store can scale up to any volume of sales you can imagine. However, you’ll have to manage the scaling process. You’ll need the right WordPress plugins, upgrades to your web hosting provider, and the right marketing and support features to deal with a high volume of customers. It’s totally possible, but you’ll have to manage the process.
  • Your BigCommerce store can scale up, almost automatically. Marketing features, support for your customers, and an international store builder make the process easier for you to manage as your ecommerce store grows. However, it’s going to cost you because of the pricing plans available from BigCommerce.

A recurring theme in comparing different ecommerce platforms is the difference between a packaged solution and an open-source solution. WooCommerce is an open-source solution, so you have more control over your pricing as your store grows. Other alternatives, such as BigCommerce and Shopify, will bill you more – sometimes dramatically more – as you scale up your business.

Support: BigCommerce vs WooCommerce

BigCommerce and WooCommerce approach customer support in different ways.

BigCommerce offers 24/hr, 365 day customer support to its users through a chat-based interface or email with a response time of 30 minutes – for free.

WooCommerce only supports its products. Any plugins or extra themes, add-ons, or providers require their own support.

For both companies, though, the online support by the user community is extensive. The forums on WordPress dedicated to WooCommerce have probably got answers to most questions already.

Security: WooCommerce vs BigCommerce

SSL security is a big deal for any website and is a foundational part of ecommerce functionality. Customers simply don’t trust sites without adequate and visible security.

BigCommerce will manage security for you. You’ll receive an SSL certificate for your domain name and website as part of your pricing plan.

WooCommerce security is self-managed. You must buy your own SSL certificate. However, you can use a dedicated WooCommerce hosting provider. These providers offer SSL certificates and other security features as part of a WooCommerce store package.

Conclusion: BigCommerce vs WooCommerce – Which is the better ecommerce platform?

WooCommerce and BigCommerce compete with each other in all these areas, but you’re the real winner. You can choose the best option for your business. Here’s a simple recap:

  • WooCommerce is the best platform if you want to manage your own store, control your spending, and scale up on a gradual curve.
  • BigCommerce is the best platform if you want a packaged solution that will handle all the admin and technical details for you.

For us, the best choice is WooCommerce. It’s cheaper, has loads of features through plugins, and you can always hire a developer to get you through the initial setup.

To learn more about WooCommerce, and view a video setup guide, read our What is WooCommerce guide.

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