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Hubspot Apps That Can Improve Your Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce continues to grow in popularity, but with more customers shopping online also comes more competition. Owning and operating an online store means you are continually finding new ways to attract new customers while keeping your current ones coming back. Fortunately, Hubspot, a robust inbound marketing and sales software platform, has apps you can integrate into your ecommerce store that improve your customer experience, increase engagement, and save you time!

Hubspot Apps to Improve Your Ecommerce Store-FEATURED

With so many apps available, we know it’s a bit overwhelming to know which options are right for you. To help you narrow it down, we’re sharing the 7 top Hubspot apps for ecommerce stores. 

Connecting HubSpot to Your Ecommerce Store

Integrating HubSpot into your online store’s platform is the first app you need to find. This allows you to sync your customer data, email marketing campaigns, and sales and promotional information from your online store into your marketing hub and vice versa. 


With over 7,500 installs, HubSpot for Shopify is a trusted way to connect your Shopify online store to your inbound marketing software. Using this app, you can enjoy the following benefits and features: 

  • Analyze your ecommerce store’s data in HubSpot including your store performance, abandoned cart recovery, and demographic information to help you create winning growth strategies.
  • Product information, customer data, and orders automatically sync from your Shopify store to HubSpot so you can market your products and promotions more effectively and create segmentations based on product purchases and browsing trends. 
  • Create email marketing campaigns, smart calls-to-action in your content, and utilize ecommerce pay-per-click ad campaigns
  • Access to HubSpot Community where you can find answers and resources for your biggest sales, CRM, and marketing questions.

WooCommerce Integration

If you have a WordPress website with WooCommerce to power your online store, the WooCommerce Integration by MakeWebBetter is a great option to connect to HubSpot. This HubSpot-certified app offers the following features:

  • Automatically syncs your WooCommerce data, including users, orders, and inventory, into HubSpot.
  • Get in-depth data at each stage of the buyer journey to generate more targeted marketing like coupon codes and promotions.
  • Automate email campaigns based on customer behavior and data to connect your customers with your business and increase engagement. 
  • Access to both HubSpot Community and support through MakeWebBetter to keep your integration running smoothly.


Magento HubSpot Integration, like the above options for WooCommerce and Shopify, allows you to easily sync your Magento-powered online store with HubSpot. Key features include:

  • Sync your Magento store data including your inventory and customer information. 
  • Personalized emails based on customer behavior, like when they abandon a cart.
  • Set up your Magento shopping cart to suggest upsells and related products, and create personalized emails for people who buy them.
  • Create laser focused email campaigns with nurture sequences of emails based on buyer purchases and re-engage customers who haven’t shopped your store for a while. 


Whether you use Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce, you can connect them all to HubSpot through Unific. Like the other integrations, this is a Hub-Spot certified app with over 1,000 installs, so you can feel confident that this is a reliable option. With efficient pre-built workflows and smart lists that divide your customers into segmentations based on browsing and buying behavior, this app saves you time while improving your marketing strategy. Benefits and features include:

  • Whether you have Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, your customer and inventory data (over 150 fields) is synced directly into HubSpot,
  • Enriched data that includes key field values for recency, frequency, and monetary-based workflows so you can automate your customer lifecycle marketing
  • Dynamically creates coupon codes so you can send out unique, personalized coupons to your customers based on their buying activities and shopping behaviors.

HubSpot Apps to Improve Your Customer Experience

HubSpot is great for capturing customer data and leveraging it for more successful marketing campaigns. However, the best way to keep customers coming back is to provide them with a great experience and a reason to be loyal. Fortunately, there are HubSpot apps designed to improve your customer’s experience and convert them into loyal customers with little to no extra work on your side!


HubSpot forms are a great way to capture customer information, especially on landing pages. However, you can make your landing pages even more successful by turning them into one-stop purchase spots by incorporating DepositFix. Using this app, it dynamically adds payment fields from Stripe and PayPal right into your HubSpot forms, allowing your customers to see an ad, visit the page, and make a purchase quickly and easily!  For example, if you’re running a special promotion, you can utilize a pay-per-click ad campaign to drive traffic to the landing page. The customer sees the promotion and instead of having to add it to a cart and go through a lengthy purchase, they can buy the product through their credit card or PayPal. 

Using this app, all your customer data is sent directly to HubSpot so you can segment the customer into various payment fields, send receipts using HubSpot emails, and manage your billing information all in HubSpot CRM.

Reward programs are one of the most effective ways to build loyalty, allowing your customers to earn points for making a purchase, subscribing to your newsletter, or referring new customers. Smile is one of the most popular ways to add a reward program to your ecommerce store, and with the Hubspot integration, you can use your program data to create successful campaigns! 

By using HubSpot, you can take information from your rewards program and use it to provide a better experience for your customers. You can send different campaigns based on program status, points balance, and other features, such as sending out an email to customers who have enough points to redeem a reward along with some promotions you may be running at the same time!


If you use 360NRS to use one platform to communicate across multiple channels like sending text messages, emails, and push notifications, you can leverage it with HubSpot. 360 NRS Hubspot Integration allows you to use your CRM extension to send texts to your contacts, either individually or as a bulk message. You can also create workflows to send SMS messages to segments of your contact list or receive messages and sync them directly into HubSpot. 

Let TheeCommerce Improve Your Online Store with HubSpot

If you want to increase engagement with your customers, TheeCommerce can help you do it! With an ecommerce marketing team who specializes in using HubSpot to leverage your data and improve customer experience, we can help you increase conversions and create raving fans! Reach out to us today at 919-336-1790 or fill out our contact form to get started!

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