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5 Ways Hubspot Can Improve Your Ecommerce Store

Owning an ecommerce store means you’re facing a lot of competition – from Amazon, big box retailers, and even other small businesses who operate in the same niche as you. This means you are having to look at ways to increase traffic to your site, engage with your visitors, and continually keep your business visible both to new and existing customers.

how Hubspot can improve your ecommerce store

How can you do all of this AND keep up with the everyday operations of your ecommerce business?

More business owners are turning to Hubspot, a marketing and sales software platform, to do much of the work for them. To help you determine if Hubspot is right for you, our ecommerce marketing agency is sharing 5 ways Hubspot can improve your ecommerce store!

1. Lead Capture Forms

In order to turn new, anonymous visitors to your ecommerce store into leads you can build a relationship with, you have to have a way to contact them. While you can collect information when customers are checking out after they’ve purchased something, you also want to connect with those people who haven’t made a purchase yet.

That’s where the lead capture form comes into play, and that’s one of the biggest benefits to Hubspot. With a drag-and-drop form builder, you have a fast, simple way to get customer contact information in a form you can integrate almost anywhere. Because every aspect of the form is customizable, you can collect the exact data you need to market your business more effectively.

2. Landing Pages to Capture and Convert Visitors

A landing page is simply a page on your website where a visitor “lands” after clicking on a link and are a great opportunity to build your contact database. For example, you may post a pay-per-click ad for your ecommerce store offering a 20 percent off coupon code, an interested party clicks on the ad, and after entering their name and email address into your lead capture form, they receive a coupon code. Now, you have a new email subscriber who is also eager to save money at your ecommerce store!

Hubspot makes it easy to set up landing pages in just a few seconds, even if you’re a beginner. They have a variety of templates that let you plug in your copy, images, and lead capture form and launch it immediately. You can even create personalized page content depending on factors you choose, such as visitor location, where they found your ad, or what device they’re on.

3. Email Marketing to Connect with Customers

With the rise of social media, many businesses think email marketing is not effective, and thus, don’t use it anymore. However, email marketing is one of the best tools you have to bring existing customers and repeat visitors back to your ecommerce store. Unlike social media posts and ads, sending an email puts a targeted message directly in front of a warmed up audience.

Using Hubspot, you can create and launch multiple successful email campaigns in minutes. Like their landing pages, you can choose from several templates to design an attractive, high-quality email that include your unique branding, then you can update settings and recipients to automate your email marketing or segment lists to target specific customers.

This customization lets you send promotional information to your entire list, letting them know of new products or sales, or you can set up emails to send when individual subscribers trigger certain actions, like abandoning their cart or purchasing certain items.

4. Improve Ecommerce Customer Service with Live Chat

One of the biggest benefits to brick-and-mortar stores is that customers can get the service they need, are able to ask questions, and get information. Fortunately, you can level the playing ground by including live chat on your ecommerce website using Hubspot. Plus, they take live chat one step further by connecting the customer’s question to the person or team most suited to answer, whether it’s someone in sales, customer service, or shipping.

Do you find many of your live chat conversations are answering the same questions? You can use Hubspot to build bots that can greet your customers, qualify leads, and answer the frequently asked questions, saving you time and cutting down on interruptions.

5. Keep Track of Your Leads and Customers

With a growing list of subscribers and customers at every stage of their buyer journey, you need a way to keep up with everyone and make sure everyone on your team is on the same page. Using HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, you can keep your customer data organized and in one place, so it’s visible to your entire team and there’s never a scramble to dig through spreadsheets and inboxes to access information.

Sync with Gmail and Slack to ensure all communications, notes, and information for each lead or active customer is readily available while maintaining all your internal communications at the same time. You can use the information from your CRM to elevate all your initiatives, from creating more personalized email sequences to designing better landing pages so you can increase conversions and provide better service.

Let TheeCommerce Help You Integrate Hubspot Into Your Ecommerce Store

If you want to learn more about Hubspot and how it can improve visibility and increase conversions, the team at TheeCommerce is here to help! We specialize in building, designing, and marketing ecommerce websites using leading platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. With a free website audit, we can determine exactly what can benefit your ecommerce store the most to boost your sales! Reach out to us today at 919-336-1790 or fill out our contact form to get started!

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