When it comes to SEO & PPC as it relates to ecommerce, the common question is “which one will be better for my site?”.  While you can delve into several articles making the argument as to which one is better, we here at TheeCommerce propose a different perspective: why not use both?

SEO & PPC provide many benefits to your ecommerce site, and should be used together in order to more effectively achieve your goals.  In this blog, we will focus on how both SEO & PPC can benefit your ecommerce site.

Benefits of Running SEO & PPC

Visibility & Branding

Having top position on the front page goes a long way in terms of visibility in the buyer’s journey.  In fact, 95% of users do not go past the first page, so it is imperative to hold this position on the page.

Visibility in search engines for your targeted keywords puts your business in front of potential customers and drives brand awareness.  This visibility also boosts confidence and awareness in your brand if you are effectively able to rank for both organic and paid searches.  Organic search results power about 37.5% of all ecommerce traffic due to consumers typically feeling as though these results are more reputable due to the negative connotations advertisements have.

Paid search typically dominates above-the-fold content, and since this is real estate on the page you can buy, you have a real opportunity to leverage this visibility once you are able to achieve it.  This can also be done using Shopping ads, which not only are top of page, but also provide a visual aid and price comparison right then and there.

Integrated Keyword Strategies

The thing that SEO and PPC hold in common is that keywords are the driving force behind their effectiveness.  PPC provides a fantastic resource for keyword research due to the amount of rich, immediate data that it provides.

If you are finding that certain keywords you had perhaps not taken into account when writing content for your site are converting at a high rate via PPC, these are keywords you will likely want to add in to boost your organic search results.  For example, let’s say your site focuses solely on men’s t-shirts.  When looking at your PPC campaigns, you find that men’s v-neck t-shirts is a high converting keyword, but one you hadn’t really focused on as far as SEO goes.  This data gives you the opportunity to right that wrong and capitalize on the trends seen in your PPC campaign.

On the other hand, if there are PPC keywords that are important for your business, but too expensive for your budget or are not providing you the ROI you were seeking, you can focus on their organic rankings vs their paid search rankings.  Following up on the example above, let’s say that the primary focus for this site is “men’s graphic t-shirts”.  When looking at the PPC results, we see that getting top of page position is generating a negative ROI to do so.  Instead of continuing to hemorrhage funds, it would be a better idea to lower page position to where it is more profitable, and focus on your SEO content being more about “men’s graphic t-shirts”.

Increased Traffic

Now that you have been able to establish higher visibility and integrated your keyword research, you will start to see more traffic come to your website.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that more traffic will lead to more conversions.  This increased traffic will only lead to more conversions if the keywords you have been targeting are highly relevant to the products/services your site offers.  For example, if we were looking to bid on “men’s jeans” for our men’s t-shirts site, but did not offer men’s jeans, this could cause tremendous backlash as far as your reputation goes, so make sure to keep that in mind.

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