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Magento Project Rescue

Our Certified Magento Developers Use a Proven Process to Provide Magento Project Rescue Services for Complex, Problematic Ecommerce Websites.

Selecting the right development team for your Magento ecommerce project is the key to building a secure, successful online store. All too often, companies seek our Magento Project Rescue services to remedy the poor coding, long response times, and configuration issues that arise from not choosing an adequate developer for these complex sites. Having an experienced, trusted Magento development partner that understands agile processes and your unique business requirements can keep your project coming in on-time and on-budget.

TheeCommerce has worked to rescue Magento projects on the verge of being scrapped and turn them into ROI-positive, functioning ecommerce websites. We are the trusted solution for your Magento project. Our Project Rescue services are proven to recover your development site — no matter what stage of development or shape it’s in.

Trusted Magento Project Rescue Experts

After experiencing the stress and pains from a poorly executed development project, it’s important to find a dedicated partner you can trust with your businesses’ most valuable digital asset.  TheeCommerce’s team of certified Magento professionals implement a specialized Recovery Process to redeem your project from the brink and ensure a successful launch. This proven system involves crafting an actionable plan that’s tailored to your unique project requirements and designed to protect the investment in your online store.

Comprehensive Magento Project Recovery:

  • Magento 1 and Magento 2 Project Recovery
  • Ecommerce Store Stabilization
  • Code Audit and Security Checks
  • Recovery Roadmap
  • Visibility and SEO
  • Professional Configuration
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Back End Manageability
  • Extensions and Third party Integrations
  • Live, US-based Support

Our Magento Rescue & Recovery Services

Code Audit

Magento-certified developers identify bugs, critical errors, extension issues, and clean up convoluted code.

Bug Fixes

Stabilizing your website through bug fixes, such as patches and extensions, your project will be running smoothly.


Whether you’re upgrading to Magento 2 or moving from a different platform, we can help migrate your project.

Site Speed

Optimizing site speed and page load time is vital for your store’s SEO, visibility, and keeping customers on-site.

Security Patches

The latest security patches eliminate vulnerabilities and protect against the loss of customer-sensitive data.

3rd Party Integration

Connect third party apps with Magento, like your ERP or CRM, to build a seamless, powerful eCommerce solution.

The Magento Project Rescue Process

  1. Stabilize the Website and Identify Key Issues

    Our qualified team will work to stabilize your existing Magento infrastructure, and then perform an in-depth audit to determine priority fixes and root causes of the site’s problems.

  2. Outline Project Requirements to Build a Roadmap for Success

    After the priority fixes are in place, our Project Rescue team will compile an updated list of project requirements to build a roadmap for making your project successful.

  3. Implementation and On-Going Support

    Certified Magento developers know where to look to find security, architectural, or other potential issues, and have a proven track record for bringing Magento projects back into the black. Once your project is back on track, TheeCommerce’s US-based support team is available as your resource to ensure a top-performing Magento configuration, should you need anything down the road.

Why Choose TheeCommerce for Your Ecommerce Project Rescue?

With over a decade in custom programming and experience with large Magento sites, our Magento Project Rescue experts can get your online store up and running with U.S.-based support, attentive developers with a fast response rate, and project managers who will work side-by-side with you to build a secure, reliable Magento ecommerce solution. Call our Magento specialists at 919-336-1790 or schedule a free online store audit today.

Trust the Expert Recovery Team With Your Magento Project Rescue

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