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Magento Page Speed Optimization

TheeCommerce’s Certified Magento Developers Specialize in Page Speed Optimization and Performance of World-Class Ecommerce Magento Stores.

Magento is a resource-intensive platform that can easily become burdened by slow page speed and loading time, costing your store thousands or — for stores selling $100,000 a day — even millions in revenue. As your ecommerce store grows, the product catalog expands, more extensions are added, which cause issues in page speed and overall Magento performance. TheeCommerce’s certified Magento experts specialize in page speed optimization to get your online store back on track.


Fix Magento Page Speed Issues

Page speed is a usability issue that can hinder user experience and contribute to a high abandonment rate, ultimately resulting in a serious loss for your bottom line. This impact is significant. Stores that average $100,000 in sales per day can lose $2,500,000 (that’s million) in annual revenue from a 1 second delay in load time.1

Speed Up Your Magento Store

In a matter of seconds, a user will leave a website if it does not load. The industry standard for site loading time is 2 seconds. If your page speed is more than 3 seconds, you’re losing sales and falling behind your competition. To stay ahead and get a passing score from the Google PageSpeed testing tool, optimizing your Magento speed is critical.

There are many ways to improve page speed and performance on Magento. Whether you are launching a new Magento store, or have an existing Magento store that’s experienced a decline in page speed over time, TheeCommerce is your solution for achieving load times of 2 seconds or lower.

Our Magento Page Speed Optimization Services

When your website loads on a browser, it involves multiple requests to the server to load elements on your page. The configuration of your Magento installation may impact loading times during this process, and require an expert Magento developer to make the changes to speed up site loading times. TheeCommerce’s Magento page speed services improve the frontend performance of how the browser loads your page and optimizes the back-end configuration to solve your store’s speed issues.

How We Fix Your Magento Page Speed

Here are some of the tactics used by TheeCommerce Magento pros to optimize page speed and performance:


Properly implemented browser caching improves Magento page speed by 80%.

JavaScript Parsing

Delaying how JavaScript and CSS resources load boosts your Google PageSpeed score.

Image Optimization

Optimizing product images with large file sizes can reduce the immense load it puts on the server to load.

Magento Theme and Extensions

Updating your theme and extensions with the latest best practices for speed optimization.


Minifying the many CSS files in your Magento configuration makes rendering CSS faster when your page loads.

Server Response Time

Certified Magento developers take an in-depth look at time to first byte (TTFB) and latency.

Database and Backend Clean Up

Cleaning up the database, such as decreasing log storage time, frees up the number of requests from the server.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Utilizing a CDN to load your site from a server closer to the user to reduce response time and increase page speed.

Magento 2 Performance and Speed Optimization

Magento 2 includes some site speed best practices built-in as standard features, such as full page caching and CSS minification. However, the demands of a growing ecommerce store can quickly lead to a slow website that deters customers from buying and requires an experienced developer to bring it back to full speed.

TheeCommerce’s team of developers is made up of Magento-certified pros, who are experts in ecommerce performance optimization and know the ins and outs of the Magento 2 platform. We’ve helped many companies to regain momentum and obtain a 98% PageSpeed score.

Why Choose TheeCommerce’s Magento Speed Optimization Services?

If your Magento store doesn’t pass the PageSpeed test, or your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, partner with TheeCommerce to speed up your website. We have extensive experience with Magento websites and can help you identify and fix the issue quickly. Call our Magento specialists at 919-336-1790 or schedule a free online store consultation today.

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