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Magento Online Store Code Audit

Is Your Magento Website Code Clean, Efficient, and Secure?

For optimal speed, security, and reliability, a comprehensive code audit should be performed periodically on your Magento site. A code audit should also take place before any major upgrade or redesign.

What is a Magento Code Audit?

Think of a code audit for your Magento site like an annual physical from your doctor. The goals are to assess the health of your ecommerce website and diagnose any potential problems before they start to fester.

Our Magento certified developers will review your core Magento code files, as well as any additional custom code, to ensure the code is clean and all best practices are followed.

This thorough analysis focuses on three main areas of concern:

Magento Site Security

The last thing that anyone wants to happen is for their site to get hacked. Not only can it cause major downtime and lost sales, but it can cause fear and trepidation in your customers. Trust is one of the most important and hardest to earn assets in the ecommerce world.

Our senior developers will make sure all security patches have been applied, and we will examine known vulnerabilities common to the Magento platform. We will analyze payment configurations, user accounts, admin panel, and the database itself.

Based on our findings, we will suggest any recommendations to improve your site’s security.

Magento Site Performance

Whether your site handles twenty or 20,000 orders per day, speed is incredibly important to your conversion rate. If your pages don’t load as fast as lightning, you risk losing customers to your competitors.

We’ll evaluate your server environment, server response times, code efficiency, code minification, code cleanliness, use of compression, and render blocking issues that can slow your page load times.

While the main focus of our Magento site performance audit is page loading speed, we also analyze your site’s user experience. This includes design improvements for navigation, consistency, product information, ease of use, and mobile friendliness.

Magento Site Health

In the health portion of your Magento site audit, we examine your database, theme, extensions, and file system to look for anything extraneous or inefficient. We’ll also check your robots.txt file and your .htacess file for any indexing or 301 redirect issues.

A clean file system is a happy file system!

Murphy’s law dictates that anything bad that can happen will. Site crashes and security breaches always seem to happen at the worst possible time. It’s better to take preventative measures with your site’s health than to suffer the potential consequences.

Why Choose TheeCommerce for Your Magento Code Audit?

We have an excellent track record of growing ecommerce websites like yours. We work with stores large and small across all industries. We understand every website is different, so we take a custom approach with each project. The future of your Magento store starts here with a comprehensive code audit. Call our Magento specialists at 919-336-1790 or schedule a free consultation today.

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