You’ve done it! You’ve dreamed big, made smart financial choices, and now you have a thriving successful business. To maintain your success, you need a great-looking website that functions flawlessly and is optimized for search engine algorithm. But when you get quotes on web design prices, you may be curious as to how web design companies determine costs. As a successful business owner, you want to know what goes into the price of your website design before you commit to building the website of your business’ dreams. Read on to learn more.

Time is the Biggest Factor

When discussing the budget of your web design project, time means literally the time that the project team will need in order to complete your project. You’re buying the time of designers, developers, project managers, copywriters, and more depending on the scope and scale of your project. If your vision requires all hands on deck, that is going to drive web design prices higher.

The time allotted to your project team is separated into approximately four stages from start to finish. If your team needs extra time, they will discuss it with you before billing.

Kickoff and Planning

The pricing for the kickoff and planning stage tends to be flexible because each project is different – no two websites and businesses have exactly the same needs. During this stage, your team will meet with you to discuss your vision and needs for the site and begin planning the foundations that the site will be built on. Your site hierarchy and wireframes also come together during this stage – the skeleton of your web design project.


The design stage will incorporate a chunk of your budget. This is the phase when your web design will start to take shape. After the structure and the wireframes of the site have been established, the designers will diligently begin to work on designs for your site. By mixing colors, fonts, shapes, and dynamic elements in order to promote you and your brand to the best of their ability, they work with your ideal clients in mind to ensure that your site is both beautiful and effective.

Program Development and Content Support

A large portion of web design prices are attributed to the development stage. Once the design of the website has been approved, developers and programmers will begin to turn the design into reality. This involves fine attention to detail and skill as they code your web design into a functional, beautiful website.

Testing, Launch, and Website Training

The design team will set aside a predetermined amount of time for this final stage. They test the site to make sure every part of it is functioning properly, and it also looks beautiful in every browser and search engine. Once completed, your design team will train you and your staff to use your site prior to launch.

Features Play a Role in Web Design Prices

In addition to the time that it takes to build, design, and test your web design project, additional features affect web design prices.

Content and Copywriting

When it comes to customizing your website, you want your site to be unique and get your message across. If you haven’t had a website for your business before or if your old site’s content is out of date, you may be interested in an extra budget for expert content and copywriting for your site. Skilled writers will work with you to ensure that your brand’s voice shines through on every page of your new site, but the writing time is an extra feature.

Images: Stock or Authentic Photography

Stunning images and photos make a website pop and make it memorable. Stock photos cost less, but look less custom and can end up making your company look generic. Professional photography can make a huge difference in the overall look and appeal of your website but can cost you a lot more.

What’s a Website Cost?

You know the old adage: you get what you pay for. A beautiful, new, custom web design will cost more, but the benefit to your business and your brand will offset the price.

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